Peak Body Applauds Kanyana for Woylie Work

Sandy Tomas with the ZAA award and a woylie

Sandy Tomas with the ZAA award and a woylie

Kanyana Wildlife has won more recognition for its work with native fauna, this time the critically endangered Woylie.

The Zoo and Aquarium Association (Australasia) presented the In-Situ Conservation Award to Kanyana at its Annual General Meeting in Perth. Kanyana’s Woylie breeding program commenced in 2012, tasked with adding more genetic diversity to surviving Woylie populations. Woylies once roamed over much of southern Australia but cats, foxes, and habitat loss have reduced their range to a few fenced and protected areas.

Kanyana’s Woylie Coordinator, Sandy Tomas, says recognition by a peak wildlife body like ZAA shows that Kanyana’s standards of care and husbandry are on par with the major breeding organisations in Australia.

“Woylies are difficult animals to manage in a breeding context,” she says. “They are nervous by nature, easily spooked and explosively fast when they feel threatened. They are special in that they are nest builders, carrying nesting materials in their tails and they are fungi eaters. They are connoisseurs of our native truffles. They’re also really cute.”

The Zoo and Aquarium Association is the peak standards body for all major zoos, aquariums and wildlife parks in Australia and New Zealand. Kanyana is the only community-based wildlife carer organization to be accepted as a ZAA member.

You can see Kanyana’s breeding program and other resident animals in action on a Nocturnal Tour, full proceeds going to saving wildlife. Bookings and donations can be made online or over the phone.