Kanyana Teens 2018 – Term 2 Program

“Causes of Disease and Injury to Native Wildlife” looks at the why animals are brought to the Hospital at Kanyana – backyard feeding, trauma, “bird- napping”, human interference, litter, etc. and what people can do to prevent it. We will design a storyboard for an edumercial, highlighting problems for native wildlife and ways of keeping our wildlife healthy. Meet and hear the rescue stories of our resident animals and why they can’t be released into the wild. Visit the Hospital and see what animals have been admitted during the 5 week program and why. Do you know what to do if you find an injured animal? Interested? Come and join us!

This program starts on Wednesday May 9th and runs every Wednesday  for 5 weeks.

Bookings for the Teens Program can be made by Phone 08 92913900 (Option 1) or online at www.kanyanawildlife.org.au under ‘Getting Involved’ and ‘Kanyana Teens 2018’.