What’s Involved

Kanyana Wildlife cares for sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife in our Hospital, as well as breeding threatened species, conducting training and research and educating schools and community.

We are run by volunteers, with only one part-time staff member. There are more than 300 volunteers who are members of Kanyana, working three shifts a day, seven days a week. There are many roles available, and you can do as little or as much as you have time for.

Malcolm HunterKanyana’s basic volunteer roles

  • animal presenter/tour guide (education team)
  • care of hospital patients and resident animals
  • enrichment of animal enclosures
  • event organisation
  • fundraising support
  • gardening
  • graphic design
  • hospital reception,
  • maintenance
  • marketing and journalism
  • animal transport

Within these basic areas, Kanyana volunteers also fulfil the roles of shift supervisors, tube feeders, breeding program coordinators, training coordinators and many more. 

Hospital volunteers

Volunteering in the hospital is one of the most popular areas to share your time. There are three shifts per day; divided into morning, midday and afternoon shifts. Once you have been allocated a shift, you stay with the same timeslot each week. You build some great friendships and learn new skills.

AM shift: 0800-1230

  • patient care
  • husbandry
  • feeding, food preparation
  • laundry

Midday shift: 1200-1630

  • patient care
  • feeding
  • food preparation
  • laundry

PM shift: 1630-2000 or until finished

  • patient care
  • delivery of food to resident animals
  • feeding
  • laundry


Education Team

Volunteering in Education as an Animal Presenter or Tour Guide is another one of our popular areas. This involves going out in our Education van to schools and community events, running Discovery Tours or Nocturnal Tours onsite at Kanyana and running school and school holiday programs at Kanyana.

Tours at Kanyana need to be booked and education volunteers are needed to run tours. . You can choose what shifts suit you, and volunteer as much or as little time as you have available. New volunteers attend short training and learn on the job from other volunteers. Download an information sheet about volunteering with the Education Team.