Meet our Newest Recruit

Kanyana Newsletter March AutumnKanyana Wildlife is pleased to introduce Noba, the newest member of our education team. Noba is a male woylie, approximately nine months of age, that came to Kanyana from the Dryandra Woodland after being abandoned as an infant by his mother in August 2014. Hand-reared by our Hospital Manager, Tash Hennings, Noba has developed into a healthy and energetic juvenile, ready to assist Kanyana in informing the public about his critically endangered species. His name, Noba, is derived from the Noongar language and means ‘young child’.

Kanyana Wildlife’s ability to keep animals for educational purposes is licensed under Wildlife Conservation Regulation 16. The application to keep Noba at Kanyana as an education animal was processed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, which administers those licenses issued under Regulation 16. Kanyana works closely with DPaW to manage our woylie population, so it seemed fitting that after license
approval, Noba made his public debut at the launch of DPaW’s Wild Shield Eradicat® program on the 30th of January.

Noba joins our resident team of education animals, which includes a bilby, a burrowing bettong, echidnas, an emu, a forest red-tailed black cockatoo, possums, tawny frogmouths, and a selection of reptile species. These animals have an important role to play in Kanyana’s education program.

We run fun and informative after-school and holiday
sessions for children of all ages, we host Discovery Tours every Thursday and Sunday, and operate Nocturnal Tours of our enclosures twice a month. Kanyana also manages outreach visits to schools and community groups, as well as hosting school and community group excursions at our Lesmurdie facility.

To learn more about the ways you can meet Noba and our other resident animals contact us on 9291 3900 or for more information.