Being a Kanyana Volunteer by Pauline Hewitt

PAULINE HEWITTAs a Kanyana Treatment Person it is my job to assess, apply first aid and treat or refer sick, injured and orphaned wildlife to the vet for specialist treatment. Each time I attend a shift I will work with other hospital volunteers caring for some patients I have seen before and some new patients, many of which get better and go home. I also help take care of our resident Education Animals and those in the Endangered Species Breeding Programs.  In addition I a member of some of the specialist teams such as the Magpie and Release Teams and am one of Kanyana’s Home Carers. As a home carer I provide home care to baby birds, possums and bandicoots that need round the clock care.

Being a member of the Kanyana volunteer community is a fantastically rewarding pastime that lets me live my dream to conserve and protect nature and give back to my country.  I feel blessed to be mentored by so many wonderful carers, including many with decades of experience in all aspects of wild care. This year I hope to get more involved with Bobtails and am studying to identify wildlife parasite disease through faecal microscopy.