Lindy BriceAs a Kanyana volunteer, I have had the opportunity to learn about and work with, some of Australia’s amazing native wildlife. You never know what kind of animal you will have to deal with on a shift and this makes it very interesting. The animals you might see range from teeny tiny baby birds to large swans, marsupials to turtles.  I have even had the privilege of having a chuditch as a patient. I would never have imagined that one of my favourite animals would turn out to be bobtail lizards!

There are always many different tasks to be done on a shift. There are many hungry mouths to feed, cages and aviaries to be cleaned and disinfected, advice to be given to members of the public, medications and medical treatments to be administered to our many different patients.  As a treatment person I have been trained to provide specialized care for many different types of animals. Kanyana regularly has continuing education sessions so there is always the opportunity to learn and improve ones skills. As a member of the microscopy team you will often find me at the microscope, hoping to see a parasite or two.

I have found volunteering at Kanyana to be a very rewarding experience. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction but it can also be emotionally draining, as many of our patients don’t make it.  It is all however, worthwhile when a healthy, strong wild animal is able to be released back into the wild and you know that you have played a small part in this process.

Lindy Brice
Infection Control Officer, Microscopy Coordinator and Scientific Research Coordinator