Our Mission

The people who volunteer at Kanyana focus their energies in five areas:

  1. Caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife
  2. Wildlife education
  3. Captive breeding
  4. Research
  5. Personal and social wellbeing

Our mission is to engage with as many people as possible across these five areas.

We want to offer a solution to everyone in WA who encounters a sick, injured or orphaned animal – bird, lizard or mammal.

We want to provide enlightening educational experiences for all ages and all sectors of society including schools, business, government, community and grassroots organisations.

We want to set and maintain the highest standards and success rates in the breeding and raising of endangered mammals.

We want to be a centre for research into wildlife diseases, rehabilitation and breeding practices.

We want to be a place where people can gain meaning and purpose in their lives, according to their life situation and their capacities.